After-War Societal Change Project: A Strategy for Rebuilding Social Capital by 2028


The current nine-year war, which Syrians have been living through, has eroded the social infrastructure of the Syrian society. Today, Syrian life has entered in a new era on both regional and international levels. Therefore, as humanitarian and civil society workers, we have to start preparing for the next step, basically though working on rebuilding the civil infrastructure and the society, both of which have been affected by the war.

Based on this, I develop a vision for a national project to rebuild the social capital Syria, grounding upon the three components of the social capital which are trust, participatory, and values. I address each component with its detailed indicators and its values, relying upon statistics at country-level, as well as on province-level. This is due to the fact that each province is different from the others based on the circumstances each province has passed through. For example, Al-Raqqa province has been under bombing more severely than the rest of the provinces. Therefore, the indicators in this province has been very low.

Later on, I move into defining the societal uplifting elements which need to enhanced through this project, since they constitute the basic uplifting components for the rebuilding the society. These uplifting components are Individual Leaders, Societal Initiatives, Syndicates, and Syrian Promising Civil Organizations. I also indicate those programs and methodologies need to be followed and applied on these four uplifting elements to strengthen them in the rebuilding of the social capital in Syria.

This process as a whole will be implemented via a long-term strategy (i.e., by year 2028) since the societal change needs long-term strategies in order to yield a tangible impact. These uplifting elements will be worked on separately in each conflict geography because the Syrian conflict geographies are divided into three areas: the Regime, the Kurds, and the Anti-Regime. First, these three areas will be networking internally via the uplifting elements inside each area. Later on, the conflict lines of the three areas can be eliminated by networking among the uplifting elements from the three geographical areas.

Author : Abdulrahim Aljamal

Keywords : Community capital, Syria, Trust, Participation