Higher Educational Institute’s Contribution Towards the Success of SDG’s


This study explores the awareness of higher educational institutions’ contribution to incorporating sustainability into their core functions of teaching and research in Jordan using data collected through in-depth interviews with academic and administrative personnel.
The study revealed that the most implemented practices on sustainability are affordable and clean energy, quality education, industry innovation and infrastructure, and gender equality. Universities of Jordan have shown positive efforts to develop curricula and design programmes and promote sustainable research in specific topics. However, the study showed some of the challenges facing universities incorporating sustainability practices, such as the political and economic problems, limited resources, financial challenges, and lack of government support.

Keywords: Sustainability, SDGs, Impact ranking, Times higher education, Jordan

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Razan Fawaz is an MBA student at Istanbul Sehir University, she has a BA degree in Management Information Systems from Jordan. She has three years’ experience in the field of Logistics and IT, and 2 years in Marketing and Social media management.

Razan has been a delegate of world youth and health since 2016 and youth in SDG’s since 2015. Therefore, she decided to continue her studies in the domain of sustainable development.