In the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), each country uses its own mechanisms that promote their realization at the national level. The aim of this project is the assessment of the current status of the SDGs in Kazakhstan; the identification of gaps and challenges for the implementation of the SDGs; the determinations of the next steps towards effectively implement the SDGs. The project begins with a description of the institutional mechanism and hierarchy of documents, methodological framework and description of strategic plans. The main section focuses on the analysis of each SDG in all three dimensions (environmental, social, economic), unresolved problems and shortcomings, the impact of Coronavirus and progress made by the country towards realizing the SDGs. In general, the project is an effective platform for the transition to sustainable and inclusive development, as well as raising awareness among people regarding the contribution of each individual. It is important to note that the project does not solely determines the status and progress of the SDGs, but has also informs on tasks needed to be implemented and addressed.

Keywords : Kazakhstan, Sustainable development goals