Relevancy Between UN Sustainable Development Goals and Grant Programmes of European Commission and Istanbul Development Agency

Case study: cities 4 people project


Elif Senturk

The purpose of this study is to examine the relevancy between the aim of achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals and grant programs of European Commission and Istanbul Development Agency. Literature review of Sustainable Development Goals, European Union strategies and Istanbul Development Agency strategies supported the relationship. Findings of HORIZON 2020 grant program and Istanbul Development Agency financial support programs between the years 2014 and 2020 are helped to explain the wide effect of grant programs in achieving SDGs. However, SDGs are wide ranging and there is a need of more implementations than just grant programs.

This study uses the analysis of methodology in qualitative approach to explain the relation between grant program contexts and SDGs particularly in European Union and Istanbul. Cities-4-People project is investigated as a case study.

Key words: Sustainable Development Goals, grant programs, project proposals, local development agencies.


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