Sustainable development goals in tourism & hospitality industry

The purpose of this paper is to outline the Tourism and Hospitality Industry’s relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges the industry is facing in achieving each goal. The Goals launched in 2015 provide a wide range of Global Sustainability targets for all sectors. Tourism and Hospitality is one of the United Nation’s priority industry’s because of its economic, social, and cultural impact on the world. The paper analyses how the tourism and hospitality industry are interlinked and the role they play in our daily lives. Actions world leaders have taken in the hospitality industry to address these goals are also discussed and the variations in their approaches towards sustainability are highlighted. More generally, some recommendations are given for adopting a comprehensive approach in drawing up the sector’s priorities & issues of measuring their progress of sustainability.

Key Words: Sustainable Development, Tourism Industry, Hospitality Industry

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Biography :

Raza Rashid is a Pakistani National, currently working as an Assistant Marketing Manager at a private firm in Turkey. He is a Business Graduate who holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree with Honors from Marmara University, Turkey and IAE – Lille University, France.