The Role of Afghanistan Central Bank and Financial Institution’s to Implementation of SDGs A Survey of Financial Institutions Parts in the Process

Masoud Rahmani



Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) agenda of 2030 was ratification and outlined by the United Nations members in 2015 it formed 17 goals, each the United Nations Member State must plan and implement those goals and reported annually to the United Nations in the process of achieving the goals. Afghanistan, as a United Nations member state, must also be planed, invest, and strive to achieve sustainable development goals. Sustainable development goals (SDGs) has responded to economic, environmental, and social challenges of today’s world; it has addressed by scientists and widely accepted by governments, international institutions. This paper illustrates the status-qua of Sustainable Development Goals in the financial sector, the role of the central bank of Afghanistan and its financial institutions on implementing those goals and its future path.

On the other hand, one of the most important needs in the process of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is the financing of the programs, The main purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding of the role of the Central Bank of Afghanistan and its financial institutions to fulfil the achievement of sustainable development goals, The said research paper had surveyed six financial organizations which are operating in Afghanistan; it has been interviewed about 120 staffers of those organizations through accomplished of questionnaires, more than 75% of organizations integrating sustainable development goals into their organizational strategies.

It is estimated by 2030, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals will need $ 5- 7 trillion annually to meet the SDGs, And the governments need to find out about 50 to 80 percent of sustainable development goals implementation funds, And receive the rest of 6 | P a g e the funding from global investors and international organizations. Accordingly, the SDGs Sustainable Development Goals provide an opportunity for global financial organizations to invest in SDGs related projects to grow the economies of their countries, their respective institutions, and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. But Afghanistan is among the countries with the fewest banks or financial institutions in the world, a distinctive feature of the Afghan banking system is the large share of citizens and businesses that do not have access to the bank. According to estimates, in 2014 less than 10% of the country’s population had a bank account, exactly the question is here, with these problems, can financial organizations play a positive role in achieving sustainable development goals? This study also discusses the role of sustainable development goals in organizational development and economic growth.


Keywords: Sustainable development goals, Development of financial institutions, Agenda 2030, Sustainable development, decent work, and economic growth objectives


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