Central Bank of Morocco and its Involvement in the SDGs


Humanity is facing a lot of challenges, including climate change, hunger or water scarcity. All of them can only be resolved by applying a good strategy that promotes sustainable development across countries. Each country has certain goals to ensure the continuity of a better life for both the current and next generation, without putting the planet at risk. This project considers the role of central bank of Morocco (Bank al Maghrib), which after receiving assistance from the UNEP FI and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), has put more weight towards the implementation of the sustainable development goals. Recently, Bank al Maghrib met a national CEO for the purpose of making negotiations and discuss Sustainable Finance Strategy for Morocco. This research draws upon questionnaires and surveys, concentrating on certain groups of people aged from 20 to 60 years old.  I will also focus on collecting data and making interviews to the people concerned on this matter.

Author : Jamal Agmar

Keywords : Sustainable development goals, Central Bank of Morocco