Private Investment Climate in Afghanistan


This document reflects the evolution of private investment climate in Afghanistan since 2001. It also outlines the achievements and the current situation through an informative and analytical perspective of the private investment in Afghanistan to date. Furthermore, the paper focuses on challenges and all major factors shaping the current investment climate of Afghanistan, alongside with recommendations clearly explaining current climate of private investment including challenges, solutions and possibilities to consider and to move forward. Despite regional and global economic growth during 1990s and onwards, Afghanistan located at the crossroads of Central Asia and South Asia had very poor to almost no growth in its economy and in private investment, due to civil war throughout the decade of 1990s. Since the unexpected mass intervention of international community through their strong political and economic support in establishing a new government in 2002, the situation has changed dramatically and facilitated paved the way for the establishment of new and reformed institutions with priority to provide a workable environment for private investment.

Author : Homayoun Naseri

Keywords : Afghanistan, private investments, sustainable development