Renewable Energy Project: Solar Electrification for Health Facilities and Mobilities in Northern Syria


Implementing a solar energy project in Syria, which is considered as one of the most dangerous places in the world, was a huge challenge. The hospitals and health mobilities, like ambulances and referral vehicles, are always in need of energy so that they can participate in saving human lives during the war. In northern Syria and in particular in areas out of governmental control, the continuous impotencies of electric infrastructures forces the health system to depend on diesel as a source of energy. Diesel, and in particular crude oil, was controlled from extremist parties. For saving lives and for cost reduction, continuous, and independent sources of energy with minimum CO2 emission, such as solar panels, have been installed in one referral hospital near the Turkish border in the form of a pilot project. Then, we extend the installation to another 5 hospitals, and studied the economic and technical feasibility. In the next stage, we electrified the health mobilities and perfrorment a rigid study. In this study, we show examine the initiative called “Syria Solar” (launched by the local NGO (UOSSM). We explain this initiative in detail and discuss the limitations and opportunities of this project. We pave the way for future work in similar fields in Syria or other countries confronting crises. All that is built with many partnership relations with other local NGOs and Health directorates in areas out of Governmental control.

Author : Mohamed Osman

Keywords : SDG Goal #7, Solar Energy, Hospitals, Renewable Energy