Sustainable development goals education in Somalia


In order to understand the dialectics of education in Somalia, particularly at the levels of primary and secondary studies, it behooves us to shed some light on the background: the traditional Qur’anic school where the task of conventional learning starts. The reason for this is, before formal school learning, the Somali child undergoes a traditional pedagogical system in which s/he starts learning Islam’s Holy Scripture in a Qur’anic school as young as from age four. Here, s/he learns how to read and write the Arabic alphabet, which is the basis for Qur’anic as well as Arabic-language studies. In due course, the learners are expected to master the reading of the Qur’an, usually based on rote memorization, to “commit the Quran – as much of it as possible – to memory.

Author : Ifrah Salad Ali

Keywords : Education, Sustainable development goals, Somalia