The Quality of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Morocco


The study explores entrepreneurship as the key to Morocco’s economic growth. Business is an important engine for economic growth, by dispersing the creative environment. It is also an important tool for developing new business concepts and inventions. This study examines the progress and constraints faced by entrepreneurship in Morocco and the ongoing reforms. It also identifies ways to improve entrepreneurship in Morocco, by overcoming obstacles and encouraging youth participation in the information economics field, and focuses on areas to support the process of economic and social growth. The study revealed, however, a prosperous environment that encourages investors to establish themselves in Morocco, particularly in the green business sector. Moreover, it is critical that the strategy aims to establish modern tools for financing pilot projects. It is also necessary for creative businesses to be given a major role to promote and grow in order to boost competitiveness and strengthen the ties between the MENA countries in particular.

Author : Khalid El Hichou

Keywords : Entrepreneurship, Ecosystem. SMEs, Morocco, Green entrepreneurship