The Sustainable Development Goals Network aims to bring together a community of change makers who seek to facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to advance policy-oriented research in this area. As many businesses fail to consider development needs and objectives, we provide a platform for stakeholders from across the globe to come together to share ideas and challenges. We also provide practical training workshops to advance the SDGs implementation as well as the measurement and reporting of organisations’ contribution. Moreover, wider impact is achieved through the dissemination of intervention strategies and policy recommendations to the wider business community, policy makers of high-profile professional bodies and development organizations, and the industry.

We aim to:
o Enable organisations to apply the SDGs and enhance their contribution towards them.

o Drive change in organisations’ practices through offering practical training sessions and pilots of action research to businesses and sharing and disseminating cases of good practice and policy recommendations.

o Enhance academic research on SDGs and increase impact through exchange of knowledge, experience and networks via meetings, events and training workshops through which expertise are shared and cutting-edge ideas are developed.